April 2019

Avengers: Endgame and the world of marketing 2.0

On the eve of what could be the biggest grossing superhero movie…ever (whatever that means in real money) it has been interesting watching the global marketing juggernaut that is the press tour for Avengers: Endgame. What has also been interesting is the slight change in marketing tactic used by the Marvel/Disney team to promote the movie

Here in the U.K. there were fewer tv ads, far less side of bus adverts and a greater use of digital signage closer to the release date than normal.

Is this a sign that the marketing powers that be have got the message on traditional advertising? Is the anticipation for the movie so great that there was no need for such spreads. My guess it is a combination of the two. Anticipation and new digital marketing.

Seeing the directors, cast and Marvel/Disney raise their activity on the major social media platforms to promote the movie (The Russo Brothers twitter count down to watch the other Marvel MCU movies in order is a prime example), engaging more with influencers and changing from global ‘premieres’ to fan events and meet ups really shows that for this film at least, the marketers have gauged the temperature of the audience.

Then again, it could just be the fact that they did not need to spend for this movie. It would be interesting to see if this model could work for independent movie as well.