May 2015

So what if I know? – A pointless rant about others views and attitudes

So the sun is shining as I write this but I find myself drifting toward some useless thought patterns.

I am not too sure what is going on at the moment but I sense a real atmosphere of angst and what could be described as hate in some cases. Luckily I living in the United Kingdom and there is one thing us UK dwellers do well. Being two faced.

There seems to be a real need for me to stop smiling or in fact stop doing anything, which of course in not going to happen any time soon. People who were friendly before are friendly no more. A real air of dark-hearted mood modification.

It is hard when things in your life are not going your way or that you are not getting the feedback, be it good or bad, that you wish to receive but trying to off-load and make others “feel your pain” is about as possible as being able to go into the crushing darkness and silence of death with a helping partner. Some things are solo missions. Even twins are born one at a time.

With this in mind I have a choice. Carry on giving energy to people who do not want it or move on in a massive way and reconnect with the rest of the planet and see how that works out.

Times are hard at the moment but the times are also “a changing…” and at a pace most cannot keep up with but now it is the time to redefine how the rest of my life will pan out and I would advise anyone in the same position to do the same.

Look around, review, revise, edit, cut, edit some more and then renew. Most importantly stick with the choice you make be it good or bad.

Because to be quite honest, me writing about such feelings is a complete waste of time and thinking about such matters an even bigger waste.