January 2015

New Year…New Rules

(Part one of what I am sure will be a very short series)
So, this is 2015. Interesting no? Age is not the only thing that is nothing but a number. However change can be instantly achieved regardless of the date.
A prime example of this happened recently (I know….at the time of writing we are only seven days into the year). I received a friend request on Facebook.
No big deal I hear you cry. Get them all the time the vain people at the back are mumbling to themselves. This time however I had to think about it for a moment before deciding if this ‘association’ should be added.

You see I was at a course/function/gathering about three years ago when I was less cynical about a lot of professional pursuits and more in a tune with the real me. I met this person there and I gave a lot of time and energy making sure he did not feel left out in life. Being a person who loves connecting with and hearing the stories of those of us who are more experienced in life is the one thing I know feeds my intellect and my sprit. That is just the way I am wired. I thought we got on great.

Anyway, a few years go by and I see the person again but this time they are dismissive, un-engaged and full of themselves (it was their night to shine apparently) and in my customary way I left it right there where it belongs.
So, I fire up my newish grandad sized iPhone this week and opened Facebook only to see a request from the very same person. Had they forgotten who they ignored last time? Do they feel they will gain some career advantage by sending this request at this time? Do these questions matter?
The last one is very easy to answer. No. These questions and many more should not even figure in your minds and in truth do not matter at all.

We all have choice. We can surround ourselves with likeminded people who may not agree with you all the time but at least you both feed each other’s sprit in a way where some level of positivity will emerge. I no longer engage with energy vampires or professional destructive hate talkers .

So the request has been deleted. I hope they forget about the request in the same way they would forget about their behaviour. That way balance is restored to my universe which, hopefully, will spill into your universe.