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Paul Craig is a technologist and Film Producer
— I’m all about creative adventures, branding Viewtorch and Cinemosync & working the life strategy for our use of the new creative technology landscape.


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Web Promos

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Do you like your creative and technological lifestyle so far?
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Product is image. Image is everything.

  • From idea to completion
  • Soundboard consultation for every step
  • Production consultation available


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Everything we do is by design

  • From creative life to work technology
  • Always a unique perspective
  • Calmly managed solutions


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Humble starts, magical aims

  • Powerful and Personal
  • Your goals guaranteed
  • Free thinking


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Plan for a greater outcome

  • Target your aims and goals
  • Research assistance
  • Make you marketinf effective


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Videography and Production

Test shoots, personal, small scale productions

  • From vox pops to viral videos
  • Simple one man productions
  • Freedom of expression guaranteed


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More of a personal touch

  • Concept shoots and library assistance
  • Other events covered
  • Processing not included


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Our Process

1. Connect

It all starts with asking the right questions and debating ideas to turn our problems into solutions. Evolve your group.

2. Change

Decide which aspects of your creative projects and tech serves you well and which aspects sell you short and remove what you do not want.

3. Develop

Make sure your stuff is actually working. All of your stuff. Each and every day. Your stuff is what keeps you going and growing.

4. Keep it up

Change can happen in a day but life is not just a moment. It is a series of moments. Make sure the series features what you like.



Connect and think differently.

Stop and think, but not for too long. Nothing is perfect until you truly know what you want and enjoy out of life. I hope to find that very thing on my travels.

This blog will give a small slice of what I see and I hope it will answers questions about me. Also, here is the chance to use some of the very individual services I offer.
We all seek that level playing field on which we can indulge every aspect of our technical, spiritual, practical and artistic selfs. However, we sometimes do not stop long enough to search ourselves.
Make sure you stop by, even if it is just to say hello.


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