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Viewtorch Pictures co-produced short film ‘A Midwinter Nights Dream’ breaks cover for a private screening at BAFTA

The short fantasy epic ‘A Midwinter Nights Dream’, directed by Martin Gooch was given a private screening at BAFTA Saturday 25th May 2019 as part of the ‘Hole In The Road screening initiative to a packed house.

Executively produced in part by Viewtorch Pictures and co-produced with Gothic Manor and Eddy Out Productions, the film was made as part of the Directors UK and Arri UK Trinity challenge where select directors were charged to direct a short ‘one shot’, one take movie using the Arri  Trinity stabilization system.

Ambitious looking and breathtaking the film captures the true essence of how Viewtorch Pictures will engage audiences as well as highlighting the deeply creative mind of Martin Gooch, directing his fearlessly imaginative short film to open this small window into the magical world beyond the shadows.

Considering the fact that the whole film takes place in one shot or one take it goes to show that it is possible to bring a hugely different world to the screen outside of the normal confines of ‘one take’ filmmaking.

A Midwinter Nights Dream has been submitted for a number of festivals of the coming year and we will bring news of where it can be seen as soon as possible.

Hello. Time we had words, don’t you think?

Hello and welcome to the blog. Well, why blog and why now. I think now is as good a time as any. There are a lot of stored up opinions and stories for me to tell. Why blog? Well they do say that if you want to hide the truth put it in writing.

When it comes to matters relating to self-improvement and if the stories used to highlight such subjects involving others, names will be changed to protect to innocent but the intention will always be the same. To express feelings about an event in my own and others lives, trying to conclude or find solutions (if any) to these situations.

I will also be reporting from events I visit, any other things that interest me in the world of media, technology and life whilst maybe opening a small window into what and where I am physically and spiritually.

As always I am usually open to debate about most subjects but I will strongly ignore abuse and poor behavior so you have been warned. Let’s make sure that if you want this to be a two way street, make sure you send back your best self and not your oppressed self. Be open but mindful in your comments.

Most of all let us all learn and have fun together. Yes I will be dealing with some very “hard to deal with” subjects as well as the light hearted stuff we all need but it is with hope that we gain some insight into how we tick and learn about the stuff that will inspire us to tick for just a little longer.

So again welcome. Come back every now and then to say hello and read some of my news and home brew science. And remember….it’s all connected. I will try to be as regular as possible but we all become distracted……or do we?